News: 30th July 2016
Latest Updates:
  • I've done some upgrades to the system, one of them involving the banner ads on the category pages. The system now takes multiple banner ads on the same category page. I've also made some tweaks to the "page views" section. The page views now is for TOTAL views, rather than views from the past 2 weeks.
  • I've now applied for and gotten an account from Ingram US, as I'm getting ready to launch the global website. Once launched, the global store will be able to ship anywhere in the world for USD$10 (+$5 per additional item), since it'll be shipping from the US. However, it seems that Ingram USA has different wholesale percentage requirements to Ingram Australia, which is a surprise - as a result, this will take a few months to do since I need to clarify things with Ingram USA before I implement it. 
  • We're looking to tweak our bookstore program, to try and encourage more bookstores to join.
 If you have any questions, please use the contact form at the footer to contact us. Again, many thanks for your help and support!
- Queenie Chan & Kylie Chan