Mother and the Tiger

A Memoir of the Killing Fields

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Mother and the Tiger
A Memoir of the Killing Fields

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Seller: Odyssey Books
Author(s): Dana Hui Lim
Category: -- Non-Fiction -- History
Category: -- Non-Fiction -- Biography and Autobiography
Age Range: General Audience (12+)
Page Count: 260
Guild: Unguilded
Country: Australia
In 1969 the small Asian nation of Cambodia was under attack: first by US bombers as the Vietnam war spilled over the border, and then by the Khmer Rouge as they began their brutal reign of terror. Under the rule of Pol Pot, ordinary city folk were driven from their homes and banished to labour camps that eventually saw two million people die. Darkness descended and "Year Zero" had begun. Mother and the Tiger is the story of one small girl, who struggled to survive one of the most ruthless regimes in human history.

Six-year-old Hui Lim was trapped by the madness around her and cast into a seemingly endless nightmare. Her family was cursed as a member of a hated ethnic minority and targeted by the murderous Khmer Rouge. To survive where so many others died, Hui had to tap an inner strength that she never knew she possessed. Despite her youth she was determined to find her scattered family, no matter the odds. Her memoir of that brutal regime proves that even amidst the blackest depths of human depravity, hope can endure.

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Additional Information

ISBN 9781922200105
Age Range General Audience (12+)
Explicit? No
2nd Guild(s) No
Content Prose
Language English
Trim Size 6.000" x 9.000" (229mm x 152mm)
Interior Black & White
Binding Paperback
Page Count 260
Version No
Year 2013

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