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Information for Publishers


Benefits for Publishers

The BentoNet runs entirely through print-on-demand 

  • We use Print-on-demand from IngramSpark, which has printers in Australia, US, UK, Europe and printing partners around the world.
  • The BentoNet accepts all books that can use print-on-demand. Comics, prose, non-fiction... if it can be on IngramSpark's POD, it can be on The BentoNet.
  • Your books are printed as required, after they are ordered by the BentoNet.
  • Your books are printed and shipped from whichever continent is closest to your customer, with no international shipping costs.
  • You'll have no unsold books to store.

Customers can buy your book on The BentoNet and pick up your book from their local bookstore

  • Books on The BentoNet are only printed after the customer has paid for them.
  • When the customer's chosen bookstore handles the order, they will get to see your name, the book's title, your publishing house and that there is a demand for your book.
  • A bookstore need not stock your book for a customer to find it and purchase it from that bookstore.
  • Your book will gain the legitimacy of being available from a bricks-and-mortar bookstore.
  • The bookstore owner will see your book, and that people are interested in buying it.
  • If your book is selling well, the bookstore will have motivation to order a few more copies for hand-selling.

 You can form or join a Guild to promote yourself to the community

  • Publishers from a single location (or who publish books based on a particular idea or genre) can band together into Guilds to promote their work to the local community.
  • Guilds are about power in numbers, but they're also filters for quality - a guild with enough clout can promote their member's best books to local bookstores, public and school libraries, the board of education, writer's festivals, and run workshops and seminars.
  • There is power in numbers, and such power can be a force for good as well as an advocate for the rights of small publishers and authors.
  • The guild community can filter quality based on their own standards. 

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Applying for a Publisher Account

A Publisher account is an upgraded normal account on The BentoNet.

To obtain a publisher account:

Publisher Name:

Contact Name:



Contact Phone

Street Address:





About (100 words):

Publisher Logo - 500x500 px, JPG or PNG, under 50kb

Publisher Banner (optional) - 1000w x 250h px, JPG or PNG, under 150kb

Website (optional):

FacebookID (optional):

TwitterID (optional):

  • Once you have a publisher account, you can login via the "Publisher Panel" link in the top right hand corner. Enter your general account login name and password, and you will be taken to your Publisher Dashboard.

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Listing Your Books on IngramSpark

  • Your books must be available through IngramSpark (or LightningSource) to be listed on the BentoNet.
  • IngramSpark allows regional restrictions in distribution, as does the BentoNet. 
  • Your IngramSpark books must be enabled for distribution, which is a button labelled "Enabled" in the "Print" box on the information page of your title. Once clicked, it will be labelled "Yes", and your book can be ordered by all retailers and libraries with an Ingram account (this service costs $12 a year per book). 
  • Your book must have (a) a valid ISBN, and (b) a price that is greater than '0' in the region it's available. 
  • Your IngramSpark books must have the minimum pricing and be discounted as follows:


Region Wholesale discount Minimum pricing 
Australia 50% (prices must not include 10% GST).

AUD $8.80 ($8+GST)

US 40% USD $12.00
UK 40% GBP 8.00
European Union 40% EUR 10.00
World 40% USD $12.00

  • All Publisher Accounts are subject to our Terms of Service.
  • IMPORTANT: When you enter your prices into IngramSpark's backend, please do not include GST. That is because Ingram's sales numbers feeds into Nielson Bookscan, an international book sales tracking company that automatically adds 10% to all books in the Australian market. For that reason, if you add GST to your IngramSpark books, Nielson will slap an extra 10% onto your books, this distorting the true price.

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BentoNet Account Fees

You are charged by the number of books you upload. Guilds may share the cost of listing books on the BentoNet.

Important: For the first year, all tiers are $20+GST a year.


  • Up to 4 books: $48 / year ($4 a month)
  • Up to 10 books: $96 / year ($8 a month)
  • Up to 20 books: $168 / year ($14 a month)
  • Up to 40 books: $264 / year ($22 a month)
  • Up to 80 books: $456 / year ($38 a month)
  • Up to 150 books: $780 / year ($65 a month)
  • Up to 300 books: $1260 / year ($95 a month)
  • 300+ books: Please contact us

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The BentoNet and IngramSpark

The BentoNet uses IngramSpark's print-on-demand service, so your books must be listed on IngramSpark to use the BentoNet.

The BentoNet is not exclusive:  IngramSpark produces good, durable books but not great books. There is no restriction on you producing ‘premium’ versions of your book and selling them elsewhere.

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Sales Tracking

Your publisher dashboard contains all your sales reports, including:

  • Proportion of orders shown by country (shown in a World Map)
  • Analytics chart showing orders by day/week/month/year
  • List of all orders, showing type of customer (general, public library, school library, book club, guild, etc) and the name, state and country of the bookstore that handled the order. (note that publisher accounts are listed as general accounts)
  • List of all books sold within a period of time, specified by the publisher.

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Uploading Preview Pages

To upload preview pages, please contact the site admin. You can upload between 1% and 66% of your book.

For comics and picture books, your uploads should be:

  • Please name your zipped file with your ISBN, book name and publisher name. ie.
  • 750px wide 
  • A maximum of 300KB each 
  • Either JPEG, JPG or PNG. JPG works better for complex colours, while PNG is better for greyscale or anything with a lot of text.
  • A maximum of 30 pages per chapter.
  • Each page filename should be in the following format: A 2-digit chapter code, such as '01' or '02', followed by page number '01', '02', '03'. So 'Chapter 1, page 25' would be '01-25.jpg'
  • If you have more than one chapter, ach chapter should be submitted in a separate zipped folder within the book zipped folder, with the number and name of the chapter as the zip folder name.
  • Note that if pages are submitted out of order, they cannot be changed, and pages cannot be inserted after they have been uploaded.
  • Books that are 18+ or contain explicit content will not have preview pages at this point

For text, your upload should be:

  • A PDF File, ideally under 1MB
  • Please name your PDF file with your ISBN, book name and publisher name. ie. 9781925376029_fabledkingdomv1_bentocomics.pdf
  • If you wish, you can contain a link to your book or publisher shopfront page at the end of your sample section, for people who download the PDF file to read locally. Purely optional, but it's good marketing.

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If you have more questions, please use the contact form below to contact us.