Join as a Guild

Guilds in the BentoNet

A guild is a way for groups of publishers or authors to share the costs and sbenefits of being listed on the BentoNet. There is a general minimum requirement of at least three publishers or authors to create a guild. It’s a way of working together if you’re in the same location, or if you publish in a common category or genre.

Each guild has its own listing on the BentoNet, and you can feature books within your guild on the guild’s page, have your own internal bestseller list, and add banners to the top of your guild page. It’s a way to define your own branding within the BentoNet, and make it easier for customers to see your books. Guild members all share the cost of listing books on the BentoNet, making it the most cost-effective option for BentoNet membership.

Guilds are about power in numbers, but they're also filters for quality - a guild with enough clout can promote their member's best books to local bookstores, public and school libraries, the board of education, writer's festivals, and run workshops and seminars.

You can see the list of guilds on the guilds page.

Create A Guild

If you would like to create a guild, contact the BentoNet admins through the contact us form, and we will help you to set it up. There is no fee for creating a guild.

Join an Existing Guild

If you would like to join an existing guild, go to the guilds page, choose the guild you would like to join, and email the guild leader with the email address provided on their page. They will arrange for you to become a member of the guild.

Find a Guild

If you are not a member of a guild, you will lose promotion and listing opportunities within the BentoNet’s page – so if you need a guild and don’t have one, contact us and we will connect you with other publishers and authors within your genre and location.