Join as a Bookstore


What is The BentoNet?

The BentoNet is like a "tip-jar" for indie bookstores. We pay a bookstore for every order that goes through our system.

We will pay for, handle and ship the order in all cases. You will get paid a $2 handling fee per order. If it's a store pick-up, you'll also get a customer in your store! 


We pay bookstores to act as a pick-up point for books

When a customer buys a book through us, they choose a participating bookstore on checkout. We will then pay the bookstore a $2 commission for each order, whether it's an in-store pickup or direct shipping. 

You will be paid at the end of each month.


We will coordinate with you and the customer

We will contact you each time a customer chooses your bookstore on checkout, so you know which books were ordered.

If it's a store pick-up, we will let you know when a book has been shipped, and you will contact us when you receive it. In turn, we will notify the customer so they can come to your store to pick it up!


We're an infinite bookshelf for local publishers and bookstores

We sell mostly small presses and local creators - books that have an audience, but which are not available on most bookstore shelves due to space limitations. The BentoNet allows bookstores to support local creators without having to devote shelf space to them in their store.


It's FREE to join The BentoNet

We will list your bookstore on our "Find a Bookstore" map, and list your store at checkout. There are no costs involved, only benefits. It's free advertising and free money for your store!


Please contact us to set up your FREE account!