Lastest News: PCI Compliance Issues 
Latest Updates:
  • From 16th December 2016, credit cards will not be accepted on this website, leaving only Paypal direct debit as the payment method. The reason is due to a recent changes in PCI Compliance, which has to do with how an organisation stores and transmits credit card data. These changes make the requirements MUCH stricter than before, and due to the technical requirements, extremely difficult to implement. I admit I just don't know how to implement compliance using my current provier, Braintree. In order to take credit card again, I will have to switch payment providers, probably using a hosted one such as Paypal. This, unfortunately, will mean building a completely new site using a different software because Paypal gateway isn't compatible with the current system I use. Since I've been meaning to build a new system of this site in the second half of 2017 anyway, I shall do that then. 
  • In keeping with my goals to get more Australian comics into local libraries, I've been in contact with library James Bennett about listing some Australian comics in their catalogues. Chatting with them is pretty enlightening - and there's some bad news. It turns out James Bennett can't order from Ingram. A few years ago, James Bennett was bought up by a rival company that banned them from ever ordering from Ingram, so if you want to list your books with James Bennett, you'll have to either self-distribute or list it with a local distributor like Woodslane. I'm currently looking into self-distributing (just for the experience), so we shall see how this develops. Anyway, I'll be spending the first half of 2017 on this.
  • Some minor issues with the website. The system I'm currently using for The BentoNet is about to get retired, and the new upgraded version of this system has no overlap with the current one. For that reason, I'm going to move this whole website to WP in the next year or so - it's a much more common system, and much easier to use. I imagine that this is what I'll spend the second half of 2017 doing.
 If you have any questions, please use the contact form at the footer to contact us. Again, many thanks for your help and support!
- Queenie Chan & Kylie Chan